• Nadia Abedy

    Nadia Abedy

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Julio Cesar Acuna

    Julio Cesar Acuna

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Abdulrazzak S. ALDHOBHANI

    Abdulrazzak S. ALDHOBHANI

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Omar Alkhonini

    Omar Alkhonini

    Graduate Lecturer

    Arabic: Phonetics, Phonology and Second Language Acquisition

  • Crystal S. Anderson

    Crystal S. Anderson

    Assistant Director, Stearns Center for Teaching and Learning

    Korean: Media studies, popular culture, popular music, visual culture, literature and audience and fan reception

  • Jamie D. Aprile

    Jamie D. Aprile

    Adjunct Faculty

    Political economy, archaeological theory, excavation methods, lithic artifact analysis, European prehistory, Greek and Roman archaeology

  • Olga R Arans

    Olga R Arans

    Assistant Professor

    Classical Studies: Greek and Roman epic and dramatic genres; early philosophy, and comparative mythology & folklore

  • Saima Ashraf-Hassan

    Saima Ashraf-Hassan



  • Veliye Ay

    Veliye Ay

    Center Turkish Lecturer



  • Melanie Baca-ortiz
  • Jee Hean Bang

    Jee Hean Bang

    Graduate Lecturer

    Korean: Second Language Acquisition, Foreign Language Education, Intercultural Competence, Pedagogy

  • Jen Barnard

    Jen Barnard

    Office Manager

  • Rei Berroa

    Rei Berroa



    Spanish: Poetry through the Ages, Spanish and Latin American Literary and Cultural Criticism, Relationship among the Arts, The Creative Process.

  • German Blanco

    German Blanco

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Carrie Bonilla

    Carrie Bonilla

    Assistant Professor

    Spanish: Second language acquisition, individual differences, explicit and implicit instruction, third language acquisition, community-based learning

  • Annette Borges

    Annette Borges

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Annelise Brody

    Annelise Brody

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Carla F Burns

    Carla F Burns

    Assistant Professor




  • Katie DeMonte

    Katie DeMonte

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Nicola Di Nino

    Nicola Di Nino

    Assistant Professor

    Italian: Italian Modern and Contemporary Literature; Italian Contemporary Cinema; Italian Linguistics, Dialects, and Folklore; Post-Colonial Literature; American-Italian Literature and Culture; Women’s and Gender Studies; Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy.

  • Marcela Diaz Villamizar
  • Natalia Dudnik

    Natalia Dudnik

    German Program Coordinator

    Associate Professor

    German: Contemporary German and Austrian literature, gender studies, critical theory, teaching with technology


  • Abdullah Elamari

    Abdullah Elamari

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Sayed Elsisi

    Sayed Elsisi

    Adjunct Faculty

    Modern Arabic Language and Literature Theories of Modernity Comparative Literature Film Studies Islam in the Middle East Arabian Nights Folkloric Studies


  • Manako Fujiwara

    Manako Fujiwara

    Japanese Program Coordinator

    Associate Professor

    Japanese Studies


  • Russell Galloway
  • Hemil Garcia Linares

    Hemil Garcia Linares

    Adjunct Faculty

    Spanish: Linguistics interests: Code-Switching, Teaching Spanish to Heritage Speakers. Literature interest: The Art of Short Story Writing, Latin-American Narrative (20th & 21st Century), and the correlation between immigration and literature in the US.

  • Tatevik Gevorgyan

    Tatevik Gevorgyan

    Assistant Professor

  • Paula Ruth Gilbert

    Paula Ruth Gilbert

    Emeritus Faculty

    Nineteenth-Century French studies, Quebec studies, women writers, Literature, Society, and the Arts; Women and Gender Studies (joint appointment): Violence and Gender; Violent Women; Narrative, Gender, and Human Rights; Cultural Studies; New Century College

  • Gloria Yolima Giraldo

    Gloria Yolima Giraldo

    Adjunct Faculty

    Spanish: Bilingualism,/Multilingualism

  • Mary Gonzalez

    Mary Gonzalez

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Phil M Graves

    Phil M Graves

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Nathaniel Greenberg

    Nathaniel Greenberg

    Arabic Program Coordinator

    Associate Professor

    Arabic: Film, media, rhetoric, literature and politics

  • Elena Guglielmi

    Elena Guglielmi

    Russian Program Coordinator


    Russian: Linguistics, Russian Language, Literature and History


  • Xiao He

    Xiao He

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Louis Hernandez
  • Emily Ashe Hogge

    Emily Ashe Hogge

    Spanish: Spanish in the United States, language ideologies, language and identity, TWI Bilingual Education model, Spanish as a heritage language

  • Rafael Hoyos Justiniano

    Rafael Hoyos Justiniano

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Alzheimer's disease, behavior, brain analysis, learning, and memory.

  • Yan Huang

    Yan Huang

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Annie O Hui

    Annie O Hui

    Graduate Lecturer

    Popular culture, surrealism, postcolonial literature

  • chloe Hyden

    chloe Hyden

    Adjunct Faculty





  • Kirk Kanesaka

    Kirk Kanesaka

    Assistant Professor

    Japanese Studies: Premodern Japanese literature with an emphasis on Early Modern (1600-1868) popular fiction and plays; Japanese performing arts; East Asian cinema, anime and popular culture.

  • Damhu Kang


    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Spanish: French and Spanish

  • Dae Yong Kim

    Dae Yong Kim

    IT and Web Coordinator


    Korean: Korean Languages & Cultural Studies, task-based language teaching, North Korean culture and language, technology in language education, Digital Storytelling


  • Winnie G. Lamothe

    Winnie G. Lamothe

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Ji M Lee

    Ji M Lee

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Jennifer Leeman

    Jennifer Leeman


    Spanish: Applied and Sociolinguistics; Spanish in the US; heritage language education; ethnicity, race, and language in censuses; language and racialization

  • James S. Levine

    James S. Levine

    Associate Professor

    Russian: Russian language and linguistics

  • Man Li

    Man Li

    Adjunct Faculty

    Chinese: Second Language Acquisition and Teaching

  • Zhongya Liu

    Zhongya Liu

    Graduate Lecturer

  • Rodolfo Lorenzo Aviles

    Rodolfo Lorenzo Aviles

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • M. Elvira Luna-Escudero-Alie, PhD.

    M. Elvira Luna-Escudero-Alie, PhD.

    Adjunct Faculty

    Literature of Mario Vargas Llosa, works by Jorge Luis Borges with a mathematical component, applied linguistics, intersections between philosophy and literature.



  • Kristina Marie Olson

    Kristina Marie Olson

    Italian Program Coordinator

    Associate Professor

    Italian: Medieval and Renaissance studies, Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch, medieval chronicles, historiography, gender studies


  • Calyn Elizabeth Moon Painter

    Calyn Elizabeth Moon Painter

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Abigail Pare

    Abigail Pare

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Anastasia D Pestova

    Anastasia D Pestova

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Christy L Pichichero

    Christy L Pichichero

    Associate Professor

    French: Early Modern and Revolutionary Literature, History, and Art of the French Empire; War and Culture; Critical Race and Critical Mixed Race Studies; Human Rights and Social Justice; Multiculturalism; Theater; Film Theory; Digital Humanities; Medical History; History of Emotion; Women’s Writing and History; History of News and Information Networks; Critical Pedagogy; Inclusive Pedagogy and Curricular Design; Student/Faculty Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Wellbeing; Faculty Recruitment, Retention, and Mentoring; Grad Student Recruitment and Mentoring, Academic and Community Activism, Academe and Politics.

  • Michael Baron Poliakoff

    Michael Baron Poliakoff

    Adjunct Faculty

    Classical Studies: Hellenistic Poetry; Virgil; Latin Elegiac Poetry; Ancient Sport



  • Lisa M. Rabin

    Lisa M. Rabin

    Director of Graduate Programs

    Associate Professor

    Spanish: Film history, film reception, "useful" film, Latin American film and other forms of mass media, Latin American literature, service-learning.

  • Olivia Rabinowitch

    Olivia Rabinowitch

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Jonathon Repinecz

    Jonathon Repinecz

    French Graduate Advisor

    Associate Professor

    French: Modern African literatures and cultures; Modern francophone literatures and cultures; Intersections of literature and anthropology; Genocide studies; Folklore and oral literature; Postcolonial theory; Wolof (advanced reading) and Swahili (beginner).

  • Teo Rogers

    Teo Rogers

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Classical Studies: I am interested in a number of folkloristic topics, including: maritime folklore; Basque folklore; the relationships between folklore and nationalistic movements; and various mythologies, though especially those from ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Apart from folklore, I am interested in ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern, and Greek history and how we remember these cultures historically and contemporaneously.

  • Esperanza Roman-Mendoza

    Esperanza Roman-Mendoza


    Spanish: E-learning, Distance Education, Applied Linguistics, Spanish for Heritage Speakers, Globalization, Learning Analytics

  • Raluca Romaniuc

    Raluca Romaniuc

    French Program Coordinator

    French Undergraduate Advisor

    Assistant Professor

    French: 19th and 20th Century French Literature, Romanian Writers of French Expression, Translation Studies, Business French and French for the Professions

  • Aharona Rosenthal

    Aharona Rosenthal

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Lesly Rubi Fuentes
  • Paul Russell

    Paul Russell

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Michiko Saito Kobayashi

    Michiko Saito Kobayashi

    Adjunct Faculty

    Japanese Studies: Japanese Language and Culture

  • Carol Lipton Saltzman

    Carol Lipton Saltzman

    Adjunct Faculty


  • John A Samaha

    John A Samaha

    Arabic: Arabic Dialectology, Arabic for the Professions, Arab-American Literature, Levantine Oral Folk Literature, Levantine Arabic Idioms

  • Carolina Santiago Cintron
  • Francesca Santoro

    Francesca Santoro

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Emily Kathryn Scheinberg

    Emily Kathryn Scheinberg

    Graduate Teaching Assistant


  • Fatima Seck

    Fatima Seck

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Ellen Johnson Serafini

    Ellen Johnson Serafini

    Major Spanish Coordinator

    Graduate Academic Advisor

    Associate Professor

    Spanish: Instructed Second Language Learning; Learner Individual Differences; Task-based Language Teaching; Critical Language Pedagogy; Heritage Language Education; Bilingual Education.

  • Jacqueline Serigos

    Jacqueline Serigos

    Assistant Professor

    Spanish: language contact, corpus linguistics, computational linguistics, sociolinguistics

  • Abdulmotalib Skooti

    Abdulmotalib Skooti

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Evan Solis
  • Magali Spiker
  • Hongmei Sun

    Hongmei Sun

    Associate Professor

    Chinese: modern Chinese literature and culture, Chinese myth and folklore, cross-cultural Traditional Chinese medicine, comparative literature, translation studies

  • Colleen A Sweet

    Colleen A Sweet

    Associate Professor

    Spanish: Language teaching and methodology, Latin American Colonial Literature, Critical approaches to literary analysis.




  • Martin M. Winkler

    Martin M. Winkler

    Classics Program Coordinator

    Latin Program Coordinator

    University Professor, Professor of Classics. Coordinator: Classical Studies and Latin.

    Teaching and research interests: Greek and Roman literature, classical mythology, Roman history, the classical tradition; classical literature, history, and myth on film.


  • So Young Yi

    So Young Yi

    Adjunct Faculty

    Korean: Korean phonetics and phonology, Sociolinguistics, Pedagogy

  • Hei Sook Yoo

    Hei Sook Yoo

    Adjunct Faculty

    Korean: Korean Linguistics, Language Assessment, North Korean Language, Educational Technology


  • Andrea K Zach

    Andrea K Zach

    Assistant Professor

    German: Political economy, German contemporary films, critical theory, immigration, theories of nationalism & citizenship.

  • Nijmeh Saeed Zayed

    Nijmeh Saeed Zayed

    Adjunct Faculty


  • Elizabeth Zelensky

    Elizabeth Zelensky

    Adjunct Faculty

  • Karl Kuan Zhang

    Karl Kuan Zhang

    Chinese Program Coordinator

    Associate Professor

    Chinese: Comparative literature, literary criticism and cultural studies

  • Peiling Zhang

    Peiling Zhang

    Adjunct Faculty