Italian is not just spoken in Italy.  You can find speakers of Italian in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, Slovenia, Somalia, and Switzerland, and other countries around the world.  In the U.S. alone, over one million people speak Italian (see also “Language Map with Enrollment Data,” 

Studying Italian at Mason will help you acquire linguistic fluency and a critical understanding of Italian and Italian-American cultures that will complement any major.  Students who study Italian at Mason often major in Art History, Global Affairs, Linguistics, Literature, Religious Studies, and other fields.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers a basic language sequence in Italian language and culture and a Minor in Italian Studies.  These courses can be used to fulfill the college language requirement for a BA or the university general education requirement in literature. Read about these requirements on the webpages below.

We also offer a summer intensive course in Italian, called “Little Italies.”  This program is comprised of ITAL 110 and ITAL 210 in nine weeks.

Students with some prior knowledge of the Italian language who wish to continue the study of the language should consult with Professor Kristina Olson (, Coordinator of the Italian Program, before registering.

Students in the Advanced Italian Class. Can you find Professor Olson?

Students are encouraged to explore the many study abroad opportunities offered by the Mason Study Abroad program.

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