Click to enlarge the smiles of students taking German.
Click to enlarge the smiles of students taking German.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers a wide range of courses in German language, literature, and culture. A list of these courses with links to their catalog descriptions and sections scheduled for upcoming semesters is given below. Courses in German can be used to fulfill the college language requirement for a BA, the college requirement in non-Western culture, and the university general education requirement in literature.

Germany's GDP is near the top of the charts, as is its export power. More than 120 million people worldwide call German their native tongue. People with German language skills are instant prospects for global employers.

Studying German will broaden your horizons and enhance your skills. Students interested in German can also minor in German.

Students of German are encouraged to explore the many study abroad opportunities offered by Mason Study Abroad.

Take a few courses or earn a minor in German. You can develop your language skills, explore German literature and culture, and learn a business-relevant vocabulary to enhance any major.

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