Japanese Studies

2015 Summer Study Abroad in Akita, Japan
2015 Summer Study Abroad in Akita, Japan

From Samurai to Anime, from Pokemon to PlayStation—Japan has been called the world's leader in GNC (Gross National Cool).

Explore these and other aspects of Japanese language, culture, and history through the minor in Japanese studies.  You'll acquire the language skills and cultural understanding to function successfully in social settings and a variety of careers. This minor works well with any major —history, government and international politics, management, and more.

With a minor in Japanese studies, you'll have an advanced level of proficiency in Japanese and a sound understanding of Japanese culture and history.  This minor offers you a cross-cultural and global-oriented approach to the study of this fascinating country of the Pacific Rim.

Resources for Modern and Classical Languages Students

Universities Affiliated with Mason

Akita International University https://www.aiu.ac.jp/

Soka University https://www.soka.ac.jp/en/

Sophia University http://www.sophia.ac.jp/eng