Minor in Italian Studies

Matthew Odom

Matthew Odom, 2017

Taking his skills abroad

Matthew Odom's communication degree led him to a number of internships that he says provided the essential skills and experiences for his current work at a start-up company in Munich Germany.

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Matías Sur

Matías Sur, 2016

Returning to graduate school to pursue a career as a university professor

Matías Sur says there is no one path for anyone trying to develop their career. The key is to not be afraid to try new things.

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Sofia Losada

Sofia Losada, 2015

Working to bring technology to K-12 education

After spending a year teaching English, Sofia Losada is working for the Consortium of School Networking, which seeks to marry elementary education with technology.

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Lauren  Tomanelli

Lauren Tomanelli, 2011

I began studying Italian at George Mason to feel closer to my grandfather, who had recently passed away having never taught my father Italian. Taking language courses brought me closer to the lost familial link with my grandfather and to our Italian roots. In addition to this rewarding personal experience, Italian actually helped determine my academic career.

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Lauren-Claire Kelley

Lauren-Claire Kelley, 2010

Every day that I teach, I relive a part of my experience at George Mason University. Without the support of Professor Olson and the Italian program, I would probably not have applied for a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship, and I would probably not have spent a year in Southern Italy. I would probably not have applied to graduate school. I am now into my fourth year in the Department of Italian Studies at UC Berkeley, and about to embark on a doctoral project.

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