Tatiana Rizzotto Queenan

Tatiana Rizzotto Queenan

Tatiana Rizzotto Queenan

Adjunct Faculty

Portuguese: Second Language Acquisition, Learning Disabilities, Curriculum, and Early Childhood Education.


Professor Queenan was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil. She graduated with a BA in Linguistics from Brazil, where she used to teach high school. She then obtained the TESOL Certificate and a Master's in Adult Education and a Master in Early Childhood Education. She is a candidate to the Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction in Special Education. She enjoys grooming her Shih-Tzus Portia and Galileo and crocheting when she has extra time. 

She started teaching Portuguese in 2003 in Brazil where she was a High School teacher. Professor Queenan has been teaching Portuguese classes at GMU since Fall 2011. She also has taught Portuguese at the International Monetary Fund and at InterDevelopment Back in Washington DC. 


Courses Taught

Portuguese 110 Dl

Portuguese 201 DL

Portuguese 202 DL