Graduate Assistants


  • Suzanne Cox

    Suzanne Cox

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Spanish: Literary and visual culture history, Multicultural identity, Bi/multi-lingual education


  • Niulka I Franco-Brown

    Niulka I Franco-Brown

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Spanish: Research Interests: Second language acquisition Second Language Acquistion for Heritage Speakers Second Language textbooks Second language vocabulary Spanish derivational morphology Second language Morphological awareness 15th-21st-Century Iberian and Latin American Literatures and Cultures Transatlantic Studies Visual and Media Culture (Film, TV, Music, Photography, Painting) Spanish linguistics Educational linguistics Sociolinguistics: Spanish in the United States Second language acquisition and writing development Spanish systemic functional grammar Development of academic writing in Spanish by bilingual speakers in the U.S Human Rights & Memory Iberian and Latin American Social Movements & Revolutions


  • Nicole Hemminger

    Nicole Hemminger

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

  • Kiernan B Hogan

    Kiernan B Hogan

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Energy & Sustainability, renewable energy, hybrid energy systems, energy resilience

  • Rafael Hoyos Justiniano

    Rafael Hoyos Justiniano

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Alzheimer's disease, behavior, brain analysis, learning, and memory.





  • Kelly M. Rodas Hernández

    Kelly M. Rodas Hernández

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Spanish: Immigration, Global Affairs, Latin American Literature, Spanish for Heritage Speakers


  • Frida J Valero

    Frida J Valero

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Spanish: Media Studies, Linguistics, International Relations, Digital Migration Storytelling, Inclusive & Equity Pedagogy, Korean Studies, Children's Literature of Identity and Belonging.