Teo Rogers

Teo Rogers

Teo Rogers

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Classical Studies: I am interested in a number of folkloristic topics, including: maritime folklore; Basque folklore; the relationships between folklore and nationalistic movements; and various mythologies, though especially those from ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Apart from folklore, I am interested in ancient Egyptian, Near Eastern, and Greek history and how we remember these cultures historically and contemporaneously.

I am a graduate student in George Mason University's Folklore Studies department, and am currently working on my thesis to obtain my Master's degree in the spring of 2021. I also attended Mason for my Bachelor's degree in History, with a Minor in Folklore and Mythology, and I graduated in the spring of 2018. I live in Alexandria with my wife, Sarah, our two basset hounds, two cats, and a hedgehog! 

Current Research

Master's Thesis: My thesis explores alternative ideologies and theories centered on ancient Egypt (i.e., Ancient Astronaut theories) and the discourse they generate among digital communities. I am interested in what an ethnographic approach to this study can tell us about the identity of these communities (both collective and individual); how the digital format of the communities affects discourse; and the traditionalization of these theories through an Orientalizing lens.

Courses Taught

CLAS 250, Fall 2020: Classical Mythology (Teaching Assistant)


MA, George Mason University, Spring 2021: Master's of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies--Folklore Studies
BA, George Mason University, Spring 2018: History (Folklore and Mythology minor)