Colleen A Sweet

Colleen A Sweet

Colleen A Sweet

Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Assistant Professor

Spanish: Language teaching and methodology, Latin American Colonial Literature, Critical approaches to literary analysis.

Colleen Klausner Sweet, Term Assistant Professor of Spanish, began teaching as a full-time Term Instructor of Spanish at George Mason University in fall 2007. She received her PhD in Spanish from the Catholic University of American in Washington, DC in 2012. Her doctoral dissertation, "Silenced Through Representation: La Malinche as Christian, Mistress, and Conquistadora" combined her interests in Postcolonial Latin American Studies, Latin American Literature, and Film Studies.  She currently teaches courses in Spanish language, culture, and literature.


Professor Sweet is no longer the Undergraduate Academic Advisor for the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. For advising help, please contact the department directly at 703-993-1220, or



Current Research

Open Educational Resources, Best practices in Academic Advising, Approaches to teaching literature.

Selected Publications

Co-authored with Sufumi So: “Polyglot Performances: Showcasing Language Learning on Stage” The Language Educator, April 2012: 38-40.

 The Bolivia Reader by Mark Goodale and Sinclair Thompson et. Al, Duke UP, 2018. Translation work (Spanish-English).

Co-authored with Sonia Balasch-Rodríguez, Lisa Rabin, and Alexia Vikis: Español abierto: Español y cultura en perspectiva. COERLL: The University of Texas at Austin.  

Courses Taught

Spanish in Context (1 and 2), Spanish Writing and Stylistics, Intermediate Spanish (210), Introduction to Hispanic Literary Analysis, World Literature in Translation:Dirty Wars, Resistance and Memory, Feminine and Feminist Narrative in Latin America (SPAN 335), Introduction to Latinx Studies, Intermediate Spanish II (202).