Sayed Elsisi

Sayed Elsisi

Sayed Elsisi

Assistant Professor

Arabic: Modern Arabic Language and Literature Theories of Modernity Comparative Literature Film Studies Islam in the Middle East Arabian Nights Folkloric Studies

Dr. Sayed Elsisi is a specialist in Arabic literature, culture, and cinema.

He taught as an assistant professor of Arabic literature and culture at the University of Maryland (2010 – 2019). Prior to that, he taught at Harvard University (2007-2010), The American University in Cairo (2000-2007). He also worked as a researcher and an editorial assistant for Alif (Journal of Comparative Poetics) 2000-2007.



Current Research

His current research deals with the omitted genres in the history of Arabic criticism and questioning the canonical Poetics in the Arabic critical discourse.

His most recent research project is a monograph on a new Sufi interpretation of the eroticism in The Arabian Nights.

Selected Publications

His publications include two authored books: Post-Prose poem – Towards A New Discourse of The Arabic Poetics (2016)- this book was longlisted for Zayid Book Award - and Alluring Text and Playful Reading (in Arabic), in addition to Egypt: Culture and Society a co-authored textbook for the CASA program (2006).

He also published numerous articles on the Arabic novel and poetry, including: Renaissance buried alive in “The Collar and the Bracelet” (2021),  Arabic Prose Poem: from Modernism to Postmodernism (2015), A wolf in Love Does not Apologize for Preying: a Reading in the poetry of Osama Al Dinasory (2007), Sufi Vision to the Poetic Language in Salah Abdul Sabour’s Poetry (2003), Absence as Strategy in Sa’di Yussuf’s Poetry: An Intertextuality Approach (2001), and The Realism in Conjuncture of the novel al-Ard, (1994).

Courses Taught

Courses he taught:
 The Arabian Nights and The Art of Storytelling
 Readings in Arabic Literature
 Theocratic and Secular discourses in the Arab Renaissance
 Arab Cinema - Breaking the Taboos
 Folklore and Modernism in Arabic Film and Literature
 The Image of Women in Arab Cinema
 Egyptian Cinema and the Shaping of Modern Egypt
 Advanced MSA & EQA

Recent Presentations

- Renaissance buried alive in “The Collar and the Bracelet" reading the novel and the film, The Catholic University, Milan, Italy 2019

- The Future of Arabic studies in the Western Academia, Kuwait 2018

- The Erotic Face of Divine Love –Sufi (Mystical) interpretation of The Erotic stories in The Arabian Nights, Library of Congress (2017)

In the Mediaتحولات-قصيدة-النثر-العربية-والغربيةأعمال-بالقائمة-الطويلة-للفنون-بجائزة-زايد-للكتاب