Young A Jung

Young A Jung

Young A Jung

Assistant Professor

Korean: Korean Literature and Cultural Studies

Young A Jung completed her graduate work at Korea University (Ph.D. 2003) and George Mason University (Ph.D. 2014). Her teaching and research interests are modern Korean literature, transnational studies, migration studies, sense of place studies, cultural studies, and translation studies.


Courses Taught: All levels of Korean Languages Courses. KORE 305 Business Korean. KORE 311 Modern Korean Literature in Translation.

Selected Publications

“Cultural Transnationalism: The Cases of the First-Generation and the Second-Generation Korean-Americans” in Media and Culture, edited by Namil Ahn and Young A Jung, 309-342. Seoul, Korea: Pureunsasang, 2012.

“The U.S. College Students’ Understanding of Korean Culture through the Reception of Korean Films” in Korean Studies, 36 (March 2011): 85-105, Seoul, Korea: Center for Korean Studies, Korea University, Worin Publishing Co.