Young A Jung

Young A Jung

Young A Jung

Assistant Professor

Korean: Korean Literature, Media and Cultural Studies, Migration Studies

Young A Jung’s teaching and research interests are modern Korean literature, transnational studies, migration studies, sense of place studies, cultural studies, and translation studies. Her current research focuses on transcultural receptions of media and text and the placemaking of transnational families. The most recent article, “Squid Games, Transcultural Fan Parodies: Black and Queer Adaptations,"(Squid Games, Transcultural Fan Parodies: Black and Queer Adaptations « Post45)in <The Hallyu Project> cluster, Post 45 Contemporaries, analyzes fans' user-created parody texts on YouTube and their comments reflecting international fans' engagement with transcultural receptions of Squid Game. She is currently working on two book projects, An Ethnography of Korean Kirogi Families: Placemaking, Belonging, and Mothering (Lexington Books, 2024, forthcoming) and Division and Connection: Korean Popular Culture Fans’ Racial Dynamics while doing collaborative research, “Diffusion and Reception of Korean Popular Culture in the United States" with Dr. Dae Young Kim (Sociology) and Dr. Byunghwan Son (Global Affairs). Before Jung joined Mason, she taught and researched Korean Women's Literature as a visiting scholar at the Department of East Asian Language and Culture, Georgetown University. Professor Jung teaches modern Korean literature, pop culture, and Korean cultural studies at Mason. She created the Minor in Korean Studies in 2017 and the Southeastern area's first BA Concentration in Korean in 2019.

Current Research

The Diffusion and Reception of Korean Popular Culture in the United States

Migration and Belonging among Korean Kirogi Families

Korean Popular Novel 

Selected Publications

Korean Literature and Cultural Studies

“When K-pop Meets Islam: Cultural Appropriation and Fan Engagement” in Racial Translocalism and the Reception of Korean Popular Culture, eds. by Benjamin Han and David Oh (University of Washington Press, 2024, forthcoming)

Book Review on Here Comes the Flood: Perspectives of Gender, Sexuality, and Stereotype in the Korean Wave, The Journal of Asian Studies, 82(4), November 2023.

"Squid Games, Transcultural Fan Parodies: Black and Queer Adaptations" The Hallyu Project, Post45 Contemporaries, Spring 2023. Squid Games, Transcultural Fan Parodies: Black and Queer Adaptations « Post45

“Mobile Media and Kirogi Mothers: Place Making and the Reimagination of Transnational Korean Family Intimacies” in Mobile Media and Asian Social Intimacies, ed. Jason Vincent A. Cabanes and Cecilia S. Uy-Tioco, Springer, 2020. 

“Technology and Literature Education” The Studies of Korean Language and Literature, Vol.59: 59-84, Seoul, Korea: The Society of Korean Language and Literature, 2017.

“Cultural Transnational Activities: The Consumption of Transnational Media” with Dae Young Kim and Gyu Tag Lee in Transnational Communities in the Smartphone Age: The Korean Community in the Nation’s Capital, ed. Dae Young Kim, Lanham, Boulder, New York, and London: Lexington Books, 2017.

 “Cultural Transnationalism: The Cases of the First-Generation and the Second-Generation of Korean-Americans” in Media and Culture, edited by Namil Ahn and Young A Jung, 309-342. Seoul, Korea: Pureunsasang, 2012.

“The U.S. College Students’ Understanding of Korean Culture through the Reception of Korean Films” in Korean Studies, 36: 85-105, Seoul, Korea: Center for Korean Studies, Korea University, Worin Publishing Co., 2011.

Korean Language Education

“Korean Teachers’ Perceptions of Embedding Pop Culture into Classrooms” in NECTFL Review 88, March 2022 with Sungshim Choi, Hye Young Shin, Sherry Steeley, and Marjorie Hall Haley

"Examining A Lens of Korean Language Teachers," in Academic Exchange Quarterly, winter, 2020 with Sungshim Choi, Sherry Steeley, Hye Young Shin, and Marjorie Hall Haley

“A Study on the State of Korean School Instructors and Measures to Develop their Professionalism in the US, Specifically in WAKS’ Case” in Journal of International Network for Korean Language and Culture, 10-2: 247-74. With Chil-Sung Im, Hyuk Suh, Hye Young Shin and Jin Choi, Seoul: The International Network of Korean Language and Culture, 2013.


Deo Naeun Sueobeul Wihan Self Study (Self-Study Teacher Research by Anastasia P. Samaras) translated into Korean with Chilseong Im, Hyuk Suh, Hiok Jeon, Hye Young Shin, and Jinhee Choi, Seoul: Woorihakgyo publishing co., 2014.

Eoneo Sueop Gwanchal (Classroom Observation Tasks: A Resource Book for Language Teachers and Trainers by Ruth Wajnryb) translated into Korean with Im, Chilseong, and Choi, Jinhee, Seoul: Bagijeong, 2013.


"Sorry, but Not Me", Munyeayoengu (Study on Literary Arts), Munyeyeongu Publishing Co. Seoul, Korea, 2023 Spring

“Soybean Paste or Irrationality”, Munyeayoengu (Study on Literary Arts), Munyeyeongu Publishing Co. Seoul, Korea, 2014 Spring

"Miss Suh, She Can Take Off Again”, Munyeayoengu (Study on Literary Arts), Munyeyeongu Publishing Co. Seoul, Korea, 2009 Winter

Grants and Fellowships

CHSS Inclusive Excellence Curriculum Enhancement Gant for the development of KORE 455 Korean Diasporas in a Global World course, 2023. 

4-VA@Mason Collaborative Research Grant (2022-2023) project, “Globalization in Reverse: The Diffusion of K-pop in the United States” with Byunghwan Son and Dae Young Kim

The Best Presentation Award, “Implementing Film Projects in Language Classrooms” with Jihye Moon, The Foreign Language Association of Virginia, 2021.

Online Course Development Grant, The Sterns Center, George Mason University, 2021.

Faculty Research and Professional Development Award (FRDA) project, “The Diffusion and Reception of Korean Popular Culture in the United States” with Dae Young Kim and Byunghwan Son, CHSS, GMU 2020-2021.

The Korea Foundation, Support for the Establishment of Professorship, 2019-2024.

4-VA grant for creating shared courses in Korean, 2013-2014.

Global Society of Korea and America Scholarship, 2012. 

Courses Taught

KORE 450 Korean Cultural Studies (created)

KORE 370 Advanced Korean Writing (created)

KORE 340 Transformation of Language and Culture in North and South Korea (created)                           

KORE 330 Advanced Korean Language and Culture (created)

KORE 325 Major North and South Korean Writers (created)

KORE 321 Korean Proficiency through Visual Culture (created)

KORE 320 Korean Popular Culture in a Global World (created)

KORE 311 Modern Korean Literature in Translation (created)

KORE 310 Classical Korean Literature (created)


Ph.D., Cultural Studies at George Mason University

Ph.D., Modern Korean Literature at Korea University

M.A., Modern Korean Literature at Korea University

B.A., Korean Language and Literature at Korea University 

Recent Presentations

2023. "Affective Machines, Affectless Humans: The Posthuman Conditions in Perfect Society and Its Contradictions" in the Panel, "Posthuman Imaginations in 1960-1970s Korean SF" Korean Literature Association, Los Angeles: University of Southern California, November 10.

2023. “Mediascape of The Iron World: Newspapers, Telegrams, and Letters.” in the Chaired Panel, “Transnational Receptions of Jules Verne’s Novel, Les Cinq Cents Millions De La Bégum (1879)” AAS (Association of Asian Studies) in Asia, Kyungpook University, Daegu, South Korea, June 25.

2023. “Dance for Yourself: (Im)Possibility of Pan-ethnic Fan Community.” in the Chaired Panel, “Cultural Production and (Im)Possible Conclusions” CSA (Cultural Studies Association) Conference, Fairfax: VA, George Mason University, June 3.

2023. “K-Wave in the US: Transcultural Contact Zones.” Invited Talk, The Center for Korean Research, New York: Columbia University, April 26. K-Waves (Hallyu) in the U.S.: Invited Talk

2023. "Lost in the Subtitle: International Fans' Negotiation of Meaning in Squid Game" in the Panel <Networks, Memories, and Fans in "Squid Game"> at <"Squid Game" and Beyond: Utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary Asian Popular Culture> conference, Central Connecticut State University, April 15.

2023. "Images of Scientists in Early Colonial Fiction: Monster, Idealist, and Dreamer" in the panel <Science and Sci-Fi> at <Science, Crime and Detection in Popular Narratives and Media> Penn State IKS Conference, Penn State University, March 31.

2023. "Division and Connection in K-Drama Fan Community" in the panel <Theorizing Global Asia: Media, Mobility, and Boundary Breaking/Making>, Association for Asian Studies, Boston, March 18.

2023. "K-pop Fans' Views of Racism, Anti-Black Attitudes, and Cultural Appropriation in the Korean Entertainment Industry" with Dae Young Kim and Byunghwan Son, Eastern Sociological Society, February 25.

2023. "Alternative Masculinities through K-pop: Does Exposure to Male K-pop Idol's Masculinity Disrupt Hegemonic Gender Norms?" with Dae Young Kim and Byunghwan Son, Eastern Sociological Society, February 25.

2023. "A Strange but Familiar Neighbor: Media Images, Kirogi Realities" SECAAS, University of Richmond, January 21.

2022. "Intercultural Instruction on Culture Codes through Korean TV Dramas" MARAAS, University of Pennsylvania, October 2.

2022. "When Squid Game Meets Arab Parody" <The Korean Peninsular and the Middle East at 60: History, Economy, and culture>, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, May 23.

2022. "When K-pop Meets Islam" SECAAS, Louisville, Kentucky, January 14.

2021. "A Contextual Approach to Korean TV Drama Reception" in the panel <Korean Popular Culture>, SWCAS, October 23.

2021. "Implementing Film Projects in Language Classroom" with Jihye Moon SCOLT, Norfolk, VA, April 2, 2022, and FLAVA, October 8.

2021. "Can North Korean People Date and Drink Coffee?" with Dae Yong Kim, NCOLCTL, April 23.

2021. "Critical Pedagogies of Korean Popular Culture in the US Korean Studies: Constructing Korea as a Cultural Concept" SWCAS, January 16.

2021. "Performing Cultural Belonging, Dismantling Racial Stereotypes" <The Korean Wave in North America> (organized this international conference with Dae Young Kim and Byunghwan Son), GMU, January 15.

In the Media

"K-Pop in America after BTS" (Weverse Magazine, September 2022)

"Inside the Real Kids' Game in 'Squid Game' (NBC, October 7, 2021) 

"Korean Studies, Korea's Golden Time" (SBS Special Documentary, March 2019)

"North Korean Language and Culture Course at the U.S. College" (Voice of America, November 2018)