Jihye Moon

Jihye Moon

Jihye Moon

Korean Program Coordinator

Assistant Professor

Korean: Second Language Acquisition, Korean Linguistics

Jihye Moon is from Seoul, Korea and she grew up in China and Japan absorbing different East Asian cultures as a child. Her early exposure to different cultures and languages led her to pursue her study in second language acquisition and pedagogy. She received her B.A. in History from Seoul National University and her Ph.D. in Second Language Acquisition from the University of Maryland, College Park. The areas of her research include heritage language acquisition, maturational constraints in language acquisition, and bilingual language processing. She was involved in a government project, where she collaborated on developing a Korean test battery to reveal different linguistic profiles of heritage versus non-heritage speakers of Korean at each global proficiency level. She also worked as the Foreign Language Reviewer at the American Councils for International Education in Washington, D.C. for several years. She has taught all levels of Korean to both heritage and non-heritage speakers of Korean in the United States. She started teaching at George Mason University in 2014 and had an honor to be a recipient of the Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award in 2017.

Courses Taught

KORE 110           Elementary Korean

KORE 201/210   Intermediate Korean I

KORE 202/250   Intermediate Korean II/Gateway to Advanced Korean

KORE 301/330   Advanced Korean Language & Culture

KORE 370-DL     Advanced Korean Writing (WI Major Requirement)

KORE 440          Special Topics in Translation: Media and Translation