Accelerated MA in Foreign Languages

Earn a BA and an MA in as little as five years!

Accelerated Master's Program Overview 

The Accelerated Master’s Degree program allows Mason’s highly qualified and highly motivated undergraduate students in Chinese or Spanish to begin graduate study while still completing their BA. This allows them to earn an MA in a reduced amount of time, and at significantly reduced cost. 

Students accepted to the Accelerated Master’s Degree (BAM) program can:

  • Enroll in seminar-style graduate courses while still completing the BA
  • Apply up to 12 graduate credits to both the BA and the MA
  • Earn an additional 6 reserve graduate credits while still an undergraduate (at undergraduate tuition rates)
  • Begin their MA degree with 18 credits already earned 
  • Complete both degrees with as few as 138 credits

Additional benefits of the Accelerated Master’s Degree (BAM) program include:

  • Streamlined application process
  • No application fee

Students in the Accelerated Master’s degree in Foreign Languages can choose either the concentration in Chinese, concentration in Spanish or the concentration in Spanish/Bilingual-Multicultural Education.


MA students in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages are eligible to apply for the following Graduate Assistantships. All of these assistantships provide a stipend and cover six credits of graduate tuition per semester.

  • Graduate Tutoring Assistantship (open to all MA students)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship (only students who have completed 18 graduate credits may apply)
  • Tuition discount available for Virginia educators! The discount can be applied to 2 graduate courses, or 6 credits, per semester, and up to 18 credits total. If you currently teach at a public or private school in the state of Virginia, please inquire further about your eligibility for this award by contacting Dr. Ellen Serafini (, Director of Graduate Studies, or