Accelerated MA in Foreign Languages

Earn a BA and an MA in as little as five years!

MA students in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages are eligible to apply for the following Graduate Assistantships. All of these assistantships provide a stipend and cover six credits of graduate tuition per semester.
  • Graduate Assistantship in Latinx Advocacy (open to all MA students)
  • Graduate Assistantship (expected) in Spanish tutoring (open to all MA students)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistantship (only students who have completed 18 graduate credits may apply)
Current and prospective students interested in applying should contact Dr. Lisa Rabin, Director of Graduate Studies.
Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Studying the intersection among language, identity, and politics

Sarah is interested in the place of identity in the discussion of politics, and specifically how language frames these discussions. Her interest is largely influenced by constructivist theories that look at the role of agency in international relations. By using this lens, she seeks to emphasize the importance of understanding identity when analyzing domestic, and inherently international, relations.

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