Student Awards 2018-2019

Graduate Awards

Academic Excellence in Spanish Graduate Studies | View all previous awardees »

  • German Blanco
  • Melissa Duluc
  • Gloria Y. Giraldo
  • Sara K. Jordan
  • Karla L. Nunez
  • Riska Perez-Castiello
  • Paige Saunders
  • Wade Swede

CHSS Graduate Summer Research Fellowship | View all previous awardees »

This fellowship provides financial support to graduate students during the summer term, allowing them to devote significant time to their dissertation or thesis research. The award fosters greater professional productivity and assists in timely degree completion.

  • Luz A. Mueller

Undergraduate Awards

Excellence in Chinese Major Studies | View all previous awardees »

  • Christy McKay
  • Katarina Micklus
  • Beth Zhao

Excellence in the French Major | View all previous awardees »

  • Amina Afify
  • Enya R. Calibuso
  • Jeffrey Good

Excellence in Elementary German | View all previous awardees »

  • Douglas Mahn
  • Megan McMahon
  • Samantha (Ama) Simonoff

Excellence in the Italian Studies Minor | View all previous awardees »

  • Nikolas Akpata
  • Mary Cassell
  • Nicholas Fisch
  • Amanda Freda
  • Margaret Vestermark

Cesarina Horing Award | View all previous awardees »

The Italian Cultural Society of Washington, DC, awards $300 to a student of George Mason University who is selected by the university's Italian language program faculty. The award is made possible by donations in honor of the late Cesarina Horing, former director of the Society’s Italian Language Program.

  • Ryan Bartee
  • Claire Cronin
  • Nicholas Fisch

Gamma Kappa Alpha (National Italian Honor Society) Inductees | View all previous awardees »

  • Margaret Vestermark
  • Nikolas Akpata
  • Noah Andrews
  • Mary Cassell
  • Claire Cronin
  • Nicholas Fisch
  • Amanda Freda
  • Hunter Nappi

The William Weaver Prize in Italian Studies | View all previous awardees »

The William Weaver Prize in Italian Studies, which is a monetary prize in the amount of $1,000, recognizes the academic achievements of students who are minoring in Italian Studies.

  • Amani Greene
  • Giovanna Uberti

Japanese National Honor Society Inductees | View all previous awardees »

  • Riza Lei Chan Saulo
  • Emily Merrick
  • Margo Zuchristian

Outstanding Academic Achievement in Japanese Studies | View all previous awardees »

  • Brian Cavanaugh
  • Brad Stephens
  • Hugo Vasgestian Dos Santos

Excellence in Elementary Korean | View all previous awardees »

  • Kerstin Houk
  • Elizabeth Jacobsen
  • Angelic Johnson

Outstanding Achievement in Advanced Korean | View all previous awardees »

  • Innsun Roh
  • Madeline N. Edwards
  • Roseann H. Eldardiri
  • Evangeline Ihn

Post Secondary Russian Scholar Laureate Award | View all previous awardees »

Sponsored by the American Council of Teachers of Russian

  • Riley Hester

Excellence in the Spanish Major  | View all previous awardees »

  • Madison Armentrout
  • Dejza N. Brower
  • Emily A. Brubaker
  • Gloria Cruces Johansson
  • Colleen M. Dowling
  • Joshua Everett
  • Emalie R. Freitas
  • Heidi C. Gomez
  • Lindsey R. Jackson
  • Iliana E. Mena
  • Johanna Narvaez
  • Christina N. Newton
  • Rachel Orga
  • Kristin Ullman
  • Mayra M. Villa

Excellence in the Spanish Minor | View all previous awardees »

  • Om V. Arvind
  • Karmen E. Caylor
  • Schyler L. Cordova
  • Isabella A. Farber
  • Fionnuala C. Fisk
  • Kaleigh E. Haines
  • Faith E. Hawkins
  • Hayley N. Mason
  • Erin E. McAdam
  • Anita Mulpuri
  • Theresa T. Nguyen
  • Emma Pilgrim
  • Jalah M. Townsend
  • Mia Wise

Helen Ludwig Sehrt Scholarship | View all previous awardees »

     The Helen Ludwig Sehrt Scholarship recognizes the academic achievements of students minoring in German. The scholarship was established in 2008 through the estate of Helen Ludwig Sehrt, a former professor of George Mason University.

  • Melanie Rahe

Phi Sigma Iota: International Foreign Language Honor Society, Inc. | View all previous awardees »

  • Jenniffer Andino Cruz
  • Renee Fajardin
  • Felicity Gonzalez-Flores
  • Adam Maung
  • Deja Nichelle Watkins
  • Jared Purcel
  • Erich Schwartz

Excellence in Korean Studies Minor | View all previous awardees »

  • Lindsey K. Choe
  • Nevyat T. Gebru
  • Selena Li
  • Shamima Prianca

Excellence in the Arabic Major | View all previous awardees »

  • Abigail Dundore
  • Cassandra Gellios
  • Rachel Potter