Korean Learning Students' Short Film Festival

The Korean studies program at George Mason University initiated the Korean Learning Students’ Short Film Festival in 2010 and has hosted the event at the end of each semester. All Korean learning students gather on this day to appreciate the best film nominated from each Korean language class. Students who are enrolled in Korean language classes at Mason are required to create a short film as their final media project each semester. Such media projects have been introduced to reinforce students’ integrative learning and to engage them in a project-based learning beyond classrooms. Students also learn to collaborate as a team effectively as they work on the project throughout the semester. The required film genre varies depending on class: 1) KORE 110 creates a drama, 2) KORE 201 creates a commercial or cooking show, 3) KORE 202 creates a news story or public service announcement, and 4) KORE 301 a documentary. The most outstanding films get awarded and are nominated for the university-wide event prepared by the MCL department known as the Polyglot Performances.


Korean Movie Night Series  

Since the Fall of 2018, we started the Korean Movie Night Series at George Mason University on the last Friday of each month to offer a unique platform for Korean major and minor students as well as all other Mason students to explore Korean films and take part in informal discussions about the selected films. We also aim to enhance student’s cultural awareness and diversity through this event. The series has thus covered a wide range of themes, including Representation of Modern Korean History, Family, Class and Gender, and Korean Diasporas, Now and Past. In 2023, we presented the series on Emotion and Sensibility and K-Zombie Apocalypse.


Korean Language Table

The Korean language table was initiated in the fall of 2017 to enhance students’ interpersonal communication as well as intercultural communication. The table has been led by native-speaking students, TAs, and faculty. Since the foreign language classes at Mason do not offer lab or recitation sessions to practice the target language outside of classrooms, Korean learning students found the Korean language table extremely useful to improve and gain their confidence in oral proficiency. The Korean-only policy is strictly enforced at the language table, where students are introduced to interactive and engaging tasks and games using authentic materials relating to diverse cultural themes. All Korean degree students are strongly encouraged to attend the weekly Korean language table each semester.   

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Language Exchange Program

The Korean Studies Program at George Mason University is one of the few programs in the U.S. with its own campus in South Korea. We are fortunate to have over one hundred students minoring or majoring in Korean at Mason, while there are over one hundred Mason Korea students coming to our campus each semester. Therefore, we have been offering language exchange between these two populations since the Spring of 2017 to help them enhance linguistic and cultural competence while socializing with international friends on campus. The language exchange program has significantly contributed to building and sustaining an inclusive learning community.


             Soricha Tea & Theater, Fall 2019                                  The Korean Bell Garden, Fall 2023