MA in Foreign Languages

Luz Adriana Mueller, 2021

Luz Adriana Mueller

Describe your current area of research and/or your academic interests.

I have conducted research into aspects of the Spanish language that allows for interdisciplinary approaches. As a scholar I have done research in Spanish and Native Sociolinguistics, Media and Literary Analysis, and Children's Literature Historiography. I have been able to apply my education in literary and theoretical criticism and analysis by taking courses from several disciplines that include History, Government, Religion and Art. My M.A. thesis, LEER PARA LA PAZ: NARRATIVA HISTÓRICA EN LA LITERATURA INFANTIL Y JUVENIL DE TRAUMA EN COLOMBIA is a research project in which I was able to put a theoretical analysis of the current situation of children's education in view of armed conflicts in the global sociopolitical climate.

Why did you choose George Mason to pursue your studies?

I came to Mason as a transfer student from NVCC. I truly believe that my experience at Mason has inspired me to be the best version of myself and the inspiration for my children as I have been able to show them hard work, passion and commitment to personal growth. It was during my experience as a graduate student and a GTA that I understood my real career goals as an educator and a scholar.

Are there faculty or staff members who have made a difference thus far during your Mason career? Please give an example of this impact if possible.

My goals have changed drastically since I began my education at Mason in 2016 due in great part to the influence and trust of professors like Dr. Rei Berroa and Dr. Lisa Rabin and the encouragement of the MCL faculty. Their encouragement has exemplified the commitment of true mentors to the growth of their students. It is because their unconditional support that I have gained the confidence to reach for goals that I had not envisioned before their influence in my life.

How do you hope to use your degree and studies in the future?

I believe in the essential need to include the youngest members of society in the larger discursive settings and I aspire to participate and collaborate in the scholarly construction of inclusive and effectual means conductive to change and the resignification of childhood as a stage of discovery and creation. It is my hope to continue my research into the relevance of children's literature and media in education and the effects of cultural and social movements in the early stages of human development.

How will the Dean’s Challenge scholarship support your studies?

Being awarded the Dean's Challenge scholarship is an honor that confirms the support of the Mason academic community to the work of raising scholars in areas of study that represent diversity and innovation. My goal is to continue my academic path by earning a doctorate in Cultural Studies so that I may continue to pursue research and scholar opportunities in my field.