MA in Foreign Languages

Be a part of our dynamic, multilingual and multicultural community of scholars, educators and students.  Mason’s uniquely interdisciplinary and flexible master’s program allows you to deepen your cultural and linguistic expertise through courses on a range of topics such as border studies, cultural studies, film, gender studies, history, language pedagogy, literature, second language acquisition, and sociolinguistics.

You will have the opportunity to learn from top scholars in Francophone, French, Latin American, Latinx, and Spanish cultures, linguistics, and literature. Faculty expertise spans subjects including sub-Saharan African literature; early modern French empire and warfare; Latin American film, media and popular culture; race, ethnicity and language; language learning and teaching; and more. 

One-on-one advising and mentorship help you design a curriculum that matches your interests and allows you to achieve your academic and professional goals. Small graduate courses provide plenty of opportunities for interaction and discussion.  Our students range from recent college graduates to mid-career professionals, and all benefit from their classmates’ diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Mason’s location in Fairfax, Virginia, and our proximity to Washington, D.C., place our program in one of the most culturally rich and vibrant areas in the world.  Our graduates take advantage of strong employment opportunities in this region for people with degrees in foreign languages.  They pursue careers in education, non-governmental organizations, advocacy, government, international relations, and business, among others. 


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