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Minor in German Studies

The emphasis of the minor in German Studies is on developing strong language skills: oral communication and the reading of texts. Students are introduced to important works of German literature and to the culture of German-speaking countries.

A German Studies minor can easily and effectively be combined with majors in other disciplines. It is especially valuable in combination with business, computer science, international studies, history, music, philosophy, or another language.

For policies governing all minors, see the Undergraduate Policies section of this catalog.

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Minor Requirements (Catalog Year 2016-2017)

Students pursuing this minor must complete 18 credits beyond GERM 250 (or equivalent) with a minimum grade of 2.00 in each course. Eight credits of course work must be unique to the minor. A maximum of two courses (6 credits) conducted in English can be applied to the minor.

Three language courses (9 credits) chosen from:

GERM 310 - Conversation and Composition Credits: 3

GERM 316 - German for the Business World Credits: 3

GERM 318 - Translation of Texts Credits: 3

GERM 370 - German Through the Arts Credits: 3

GERM 415 - Advanced Grammar and Style Credits: 3

GERM 418 - Advanced Composition Credits: 3

Two literature and culture courses (6 credits) chosen from:

GERM 301 - Culture and Civilization Credits: 3

GERM 325 - Major Writers Credits: 3

GERM 340 - Survey of German Literature Credits: 3

GERM 355 - Readings in Poetry (Topic Varies) Credits: 3

GERM 365 - Readings in Narrative Prose Credits: 3

GERM 375 - Readings in Drama Credits: 3

GERM 442 - The Age of Goethe Credits: 3

GERM 444 - The Literature of Romanticism Credits: 3

GERM 450 - Modern Literature: 1880-1925 Credits: 3

GERM 451 - Modern Literature: 1925 to the Present Credits: 3

GERM 480 - Special Topics Credits: 3

One German elective course (3 credits) at the 300-400 level

The following courses may apply to the minor with prior written approval of the advisor.

HIST 306 - The Reformation Credits: 3

HIST 308 - Nineteenth-Century Europe Credits: 3

HIST 309 - Europe in Crisis: 1914-1948 Credits: 3

HIST 314 - History of Germany Credits: 3

PHIL 325 - Karl Marx's Social and Political Thought Credits: 3

PHIL 335 - Nineteenth-Century Philosophy Credits: 3

PHIL 340 - Hermeneutic Philosophy Credits: 3

MUSI 332 - Music History in Society II Credits: 3

MUSI 338 - Music History in Society A Credits: 3

Total: 18 credits

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