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Spanish Concentration

The MA in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish offers an opportunity to study a variety of topics – from the traditional academic study of the language, literature, and the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world to less traditional subjects such as film studies and literature from the many Spanish-speaking regions of the world. This unique array leads to an in-depth liberal arts experience in scholarship that allows students to experience the full spectrum of the cultures surrounding the language.

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The MA in Foreign Languages offers concentrations in

Students who elect a concentration in one language must complete a program of 30 credits. Those who concentrate in two languages must complete a program of 42 credits. The concentration in Spanish/bilingual-multicultural education requires 36 credits. In all four concentrations, 6 of the total credits may be earned with a thesis. Regardless of the concentration selected, all students must meet the core and distribution requirements given below and pass a comprehensive exam or write a thesis.

◊ Concentration in Spanish (SPN)

Two required core courses (6 credits)

Students must take the core courses within their first 15 credits.

SPAN 502 - Hispanic Sociolinguistics Credits: 3

SPAN 510 - Introduction to the Graduate Study of Literature in Spanish Credits: 3

Three required courses (9 credits) in Spanish language and literature

One course (3 credits) in the literature of Spain
One course (3 credits) in the literature of Spanish America
One course (3 credits) in Spanish literature or Spanish linguistics

Five elective courses (15 credits)

Students choose electives in consultation with an advisor. They can include additional courses in Spanish language and literature, courses with the subject code FRLN, up to 6 credits of courses in related fields, and up to 6 credits of thesis. Students intending to go on for the PhD in linguistics or literature are strongly encouraged to pursue the thesis option. Independent studies courses are not available for graduate students of Spanish.

SPAN 798 - Directed Reading and Research Credits: 3

SPAN 799 - Thesis Credits: 1-9

Total: 30 credits

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