Unsettling Raciolinguistic Barriers: Redefining Communicative “Problems” and Reimagining Decolonial Possibilities

Applied Linguistics & Society Virtual Lecture Series

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Unsettling Raciolinguistic Barriers: Redefining Communicative “Problems” and Reimagining Decolonial Possibilities 

Dr. Jonathan Rosa (Associate Professor of Education, Stanford University)  

March 30 – 6-7pm EST 

Legacies of colonialism often lead to the framing of racially marginalized populations’ linguistic practices as learning impediments, thereby scapegoating them as primary causes of educational and broader societal problems. This presentation draws on critical decolonial perspectives to understand the historical and contemporary consolidation of borders delimiting languages, identities, and geographies. Such a reconceptualization points to opportunities for reckoning, redress, and reimagination that emerge when we approach marginalized communities not as communicatively deficient, but rather as dynamic linguistic contexts that unsettle conventional assumptions about knowledge, skills, and schooling. 

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