Spanish faculty and students participated in GRAPHSY 2020


The Department of Modern and Classical Languages was well-represented at the 12th Graduate Portuguese and Hispanic Symposium at Georgetown University, or GRAPHSY 2020, held on February 21, 2020. Various Spanish faculty members and former Spanish Master's students participated in the event, including (from left to right): Rahma Maccarone (Ph.D. student in Spanish Literature and Cultural Studies at Georgetown), Dr. Ellen Serafini (Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics), Dr. Jennifer Leeman (Professor of Spanish Linguistics), Sara Ramirez (Ph.D. student in Spanish Linguistics at Georgetown), Dr. Esperanza Román-Mendoza (Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics), and Paige Saunders (Spanish teacher in Moss-Nuckols Elementary School, Charlottesville, VA). 


Dr. Román-Mendoza was an invited Linguistics Keynote Panelist and Paige Saunders won the award for Best Graduate Student Linguistics Abstract for her presentation, "Effects of task-supported instruction on young beginning Spanish learners’ pragmatic comprehension of forms of address", in which she presented the findings of her Master's thesis project, in which she presented the findings of her Master's thesis project under the direction of Dr. Serafini.