Aurelio Martinez and the Garífuna Story

Aurelio Martinez and the Garífuna Story

Honduran singer-songwriter, guitarist, and percussionist Aurelio Martínez and his band offer an intimate evening of Garífuna music filled with Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. Celebrated as the Cultural Ambassador of the Garífuna nation, Aurelio Martínez uses his musical talents and political awareness to shed light on the history of the Amerindian and West African descendants living on the coasts of Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. He is widely regarded as one of the Central America’s most gifted performers, and praised for his powerful and evocative voice. 

Aurelio Martínez joins Mason’s Chair of the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Rei Berroa for a moderated conversation about Garífuna. Together, they will explore history, music, politics, diversity and the undeniable commitment of art and the artist to tell the truth to uplift and celebrate the human condition.

Friday, October 5 8 p.m. Harris Theatre

Free for Mason students

$15 General Admission

$5 non-Mason students



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