The Department of Modern and Classical Languages offers an integrated series of courses in the Japanese language and courses in literature and culture. A list of these courses with links to their catalog descriptions and sections scheduled for the upcoming semesters is given below. Courses in Japanese can be used to fulfill the college language requirement for a BA, the college requirement in non-Western culture, and the university general education requirement in global understanding.

Courses taught in English that deal with the history, politics, and culture of Japan are offered regularly by Modern and Classical Languages and other departments in the college. In addition, special topics courses that cut across disciplines and offer diverse perspectives on Japan are taught each semester.

ARTH 385  Arts of Japan
ARTH 482  Advanced Studies in Asian Art
CHIN 328  Asian American Women Writers
GOVT 333  Government and Politics of Asia
GOVT 433  Political Economy of East Asia
HIST 251, 252  Survey of East Asian History
HIST 356  Modern Japan
HIST 357  Postwar Japan
JAPA310: Japanese Culture in a Global World
JAPA 320 Japanese Cinema
RELI 212  Religions of the Orient
RELI 315  The Buddhist Tradition