Spanish Concentration

An innovative, interdisciplinary program

Sarah Jackson

Sarah Jackson

Sarah is pursuing a MA in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish and Multicultural Education. She is interested in understanding cultural differences in the U.S. by looking at how identity and language can shape inter-group conflicts. She is particularly interested in using literature to analyze motives and interests of individuals that can reveal the ethos of a community.

Sarah was drawn to the program because of its interdisciplinary topics that covered language politics, identity, and Hispanic literature. Thanks to the diversity of classes offered by the Spanish program, Sarah was able to find her passion by fusing  her graduate studies with her interest in international relations. Her transition to this program was facilitated through the Bachelor’s Accelerated Master’s Program which allowed her to take graduate courses in her senior year of undergrad at George Mason.

Sarah’s advice to future students is to keep an open mind when studying and to allow yourself to be pulled by the things that interest you the most. She also advises students to talk with their professors and advisors to learn about the academic and career building options available to them while at GMU.