Language Self-Evals, Placement Tests and Waiver Tests

Site updated Tuesday 06/13/2021

 We have opened our placement tests in our lab on campus-these tests can only be taken one time. If you want to take a placement test for a language we teach, please come to campus for this. If you cannot currently come to campus to take one of our placement tests, or you need to take the Korean placement test, you can use and access the self-evaluation below to assist you with placement. For this, please click "|Self-Evaluation ↓|" next to a language. For Portuguese, please contact the faculty member listed to determine the course most appropriate for you. If you use the self-evaluation for placement, you should notify your instructor before the first day of class. At that time, help your instructor confirm that you chose the appropriate level. There can be both academic and financial consequences for staying in a course that is not proper placement; please work with your instructor about placement decisions.


Arabic |Self-Evaluation |

Naglaa Hussein /

Chinese |Self-Evaluation |

Xi Chen /

French |Self-Evaluation |

Raluca Romaniuc /

German |Self-Evaluation |

Natalia Dudnik /


Kristina Olson /

Japanese |Self-Evaluation |

Manako Fujiwara /

Korean |Online Evaluation |

Jihye Moon /


Martin Winkler /

Russian |Self-Evaluation |

Jim Levine /

Spanish |Self-Evaluation |

Alexia Vikis /

Persian |Self-Evaluation |

Maziar Valamotamed/


Tatiana Queenan /

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Foreign Language Waivers and Tests (for attempting to waive required language courses in your major)

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages (MCL) has discontinued the awarding of three credits for any kind of language waiver.  For passing one of our language waiver tests (placed beyond all 200 levels of a language), students who have a foreign language requirement for their major will instead receive a language waiver (waiving required language courses). There will be no credits given. The student has then satisfied their foreign language requirements, and we submit the information to the registrar for processing.

You are permitted to take each language waiver test only one time. Except for Korean, Portuguese, and languages we do not teach, we have waiver tests available in our lab on campus. If you cannot come to campus to take the test, we do have remote waiver tests for French, Korean, and Spanish.  For the remote tests, we ask that you first take our Self-Evaluation (in Korean called Online Evaluation) for your language and be able to answer yes to all or almost all the questions.  Links to these are found in the highlighted area under the Placement heading above.  If you complete the eval successfully, you are ready for a remote waiver test.

 All waiver testing (for languages we teach) will resume on Tuesday, May 18.  

You can only take any of our waiver tests one time. Before taking one of them, you must first take our Self-Evaluation (in Korean called Online Evaluation) for your language and be able to answer yes to all or almost all the questions.  Links to these are found under the Placement heading above.  If you complete the eval successfully, you are ready for the waiver test.

In-person waiver tests—Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian, Russian, and Spanish tests are offered in our computer lab on campus.  You do not sign up for these tests—they are on Tuesdays and here are calendars and dates for the test. 


 Please arrive between 10am-10:30am at 5100 Horizon Hall or 5008 Horizon Hall. For questions call 703-993-1220.

Remote waiver tests--We have French, Korean and Spanish remote waiver tests.  Please sign up using this link:

Sign up for a remote Foreign Language Waiver Test

Waivers for Languages We Do Not Teach

Students who are native speakers of a language other than English and other than the languages we teach, can still waive their GMU foreign language requirement.  They can be tested by an acceptable authority in the language. No credit will be given. Here is a link to the forms and instructions:                  

Waiver Forms (used for being tested elsewhere for languages we do not teach)

For more ways to satisfy your foreign language requirements and info about a Foreign Language Exception, please see this CHSS website: