Hemil Garcia Linares

Hemil Garcia Linares

Hemil Garcia Linares

Adjunct Faculty

Spanish: Linguistics interests: Code-Switching, Teaching Spanish to Heritage Speakers. Literature interest: The Art of Short Story Writing, Latin-American Narrative (20th & 21st Century), and the correlation between immigration and literature in the US.

Hemil García Linares completed his undergraduate work in Lima, Perú (B.A.,1995). He obtained his MA in Foreign Languages at George Mason University in 2014.

García Linares has published the following books: 

*Cuentos del norte, historias del sur (2009).This book was awarded 1st place at the 2010 International Latino Book Awards in New York

*Sesenta días para abandonar el país (2011). This book was published thanks to the generosity of the Embassy of Spain-Washington DC.

* Raíces latinas, poetas y narradores inmigrantes(Ed) (2012). This book was awarded 2nd place at the 2014 International Latino Book Awards.

* Aquiles en los Andes (2015)

* Exiliados, poetas y narradores inmigrantes (Ed) (2015)

His teaching and learning interests are mainly in the areas of literature and creative writing. His work has been published in the US, Canada, Argentina, Perú, Denmark, and France.



B.A. In Journalism

M.A. in Foreign Languages.