Frida J Valero

Frida J Valero

Frida J Valero

Adjunct Faculty

Spanish: Media Studies, Linguistics, International Relations, Digital Migration Storytelling, Inclusive & Equity Pedagogy, Korean Studies, Children's Literature of Identity and Belonging.

Frida Valero is an ongoing learner and Graduate Teaching Assistant of Spanish who has received excellence awards in the Spanish and Korean majors from the Department of Modern and Classical Languages. Her research interests goes from the use of media to represent our hybrid identities to the evolution of the Spanish language in the US through the use of music, poetry and linguistic migrant repertories.

Contributing, endeavoring and strengthening the relationship between language education and international relations at national and international level, Frida will continue to be the bridge to interconnect us in a closer understanding of how to continue growing and helping others through our funds of knowledge.

Courses Taught

SPAN 101: Elementary Spanish I

SPAN 110: Elementary Spanish   

SPAN 201: Intermediate Spanish I


Graduate Certificate in Spanish Heritage Language Education

        George Mason University (2023)

M.A., Spanish 

         George Mason University (2023)


M.A., Global Affairs 

        George Mason University (2022)


B.A., Foreign Languages: Spanish & Korean

        George Mason University (cum laude) (2019)

Recent Presentations

"Social Justice in World Language" at GWATFL Fall Conference on Nov. 5 at Capitol Hill Day School. (November 5, 2022)

In the Media

[한국학, 한국의 골든타임] Korean Studies: Korea's Golden Time An Opportune Moment for Korea.