GOVT 319: Issues in Government and Politics

GOVT 319-003: Int Span Local Global Contexts
(Fall 2020)

09:00 AM to 10:15 AM TR

Lecture Hall 3

Section Information for Fall 2020

This cross-listed course in Government and Spanish fulfills the 4th semester language requirement of Government students at the University.

Students of Government will study Latin American patterns and processes of modernity and globalization while also developing their Spanish.Students gain intermediate mastery of grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as they simultaneously learn about ways that Latin American and Latinx popular culture and social movements have emerged in dialogue with historical and contemporary globalizations, including 19th-century neocolonialism, the 20th-century rise of the international left, Cold War discourses and policies and contemporary neoliberalism. Students will use this new knowledge to reflect upon the worldviews and deep narratives belonging to speakers of the language they are learning to use. They will also consider how they can use Spanish to address challenges in Latin America and the Latinx US that have global roots and global reach. In fusing language development with rich content relevant to the discipline of Government, Spanish 212 brings rich opportunities for students’ academic growth in their major course of study -- and also for their personal and professional growth as global and multilingual citizens.

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Course Information from the University Catalog

Credits: 1-3

Studies special issues relevant to government and politics. Topics announced in advance. Examples include politics and the arts, ethnic conflict and the political system, gender politics, and changing dynamics in political institutions. Notes: May be repeated when topic is different with permission of department. May be repeated within the term for a maximum 9 credits.
Recommended Prerequisite: GOVT 103.
Schedule Type: Lecture

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