Teaching Korean Headlines

Teaching Korean

As a long-time instructor in the Korean language Dae Yong Kim has faced his share of teaching challenges – early in his career at the Defense Language Institute English Language Center in Monterrey, Calif. and later, at a New York City high school. So, when he arrived on the Mason campus two years ago, he quickly settled into a more predictable routine. That, he thought, would change when he was asked to teach Korean not only to his students on the Mason campus, but also to students on the campus at James Madison University, a 4-VA partner school 116 miles to the southwest, via the 4-VA Telepresence Room.

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Minor in Italian Studies Headlines

Minor in Italian Studies

The Minor in Italian Studies is the perfect minor to complement a wide variety of major programs, from Global Affairs to Art History. It enables students to become linguistically and culturally proficient in the language, cultures, and artistic productions from the Italian peninsula as well as throughout the Italian-speaking world. With courses in Italian language at the advanced level and others in English from within the department and across the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, students refine their ability to speak Italian at a high level of ability while developing the knowledge and critical analysis necessary to discuss the ways in which Italian language and culture manifests itself in Europe and around the world. Contact Professor Kristina Olson at kolson4@gmu.edu for more information.

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